Functional Medicine: Nutritional Therapist or GP / Doctor?

Do you need a Functional Medicine Doctor or a Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist?

With a range of Functional Medicine practitioners now available – from Functional Medicine Doctors, to Health Coaches, and Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists – it’s more important than ever to find the right solution for your health concern.

Functional Medicine Doctor or Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist?

Each of these Functional Medicine approaches can help you with your health challenge.

But each has different skills and knowledge to offer. 

And prices varying considerably, it’s vital to know the difference and what the right option for you is.

With that in mind, let’s explore the differences between Coho Coho Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists, and Functional Medicine Doctors:

Comparison item Coho Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist Functional Medicine GP

Initial consultation cost (1.5 hours)

£95 – £130

£400 – £550

Follow up appointment cost 30 mins / 1 hour

£55 – £70 / £70 – £95

£250 – £350

Full case review*

Signs / symptoms review

Medical history review

Arranging private functional testing

Design and implementation of personalised protocols to address health concerns; nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

Lab test results interpretation and individualised recommendations

Recommending individualised high-quality nutritional supplements to support health goals

Medication contraindications check

Correcting nutrient depletions caused by medications

Recommending nutrients to support medications

Diagnosis of new conditions

Prescribing and reviewing pharmaceutical medications

Referral to medical doctor for medication review, diagnosis, medication prescription requests, or further NHS testing where relevant

Liaising with NHS GP or consultants where relevant

Regular review of progress and updates to personalised protocol to help you reach your health and wellness goals

*A full case review at the initial consultation may include the completion of the Functional Medicine Timeline, this is a simple yet key tool that helps our practitioners to understand your unique biochemistry, what factors may have influenced your current state of health and what areas require further investigation. For chronic conditions or complex cases, we ‘timeline’ your journey, from the start to the present, covering areas such as childhood vaccinations, recurrent conditions, onset of signs and symptoms, medications, key life events, travel history, changes in lifestyle habits or environmental exposures and family history.

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So what’s the right solution for you?

Well there’s no easy way to answer that exactly, it depends on what skill set you actually need to help with your specific situation. Here are a couple of things to think about though.

Coho Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapy is the best choice if:

A Functional Medicine Doctor is the best choice if:

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At Coho Health, we have a team of Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapists, and we’ve worked with a number of fantastic Functional Medicine Doctors over the years.

In our experience a good Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist will achieve the best available health improvement outcome in the vast majority of cases.

However, there are times when the skillset and experience of a medically qualified, functional medicine trained practitioner, is a worthwhile investment, and one that you absolutely should make.

We’re here to help.

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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