Rishul Shah

Coho functional medicine consulting pharmacist

Rishul has been a community pharmacist for over ten years.

One of his favourite parts of being a pharmacist has always been problem solving with patients seeking advice to improve their health outcomes, and functional medicine has taken this to a whole new level.

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Often, clients come to Coho with complex health pictures and are taking one (or sometimes many) medications, regularly having been on the same prescription for years with no change in dosage.

After studying functional medicine, Rishul now helps the Coho team and our clients to design medication strategies that are fully integrated with the health outcomes we’re working towards.

It’s not an understatement to say that Rishul has made a huge difference to how we work.

This often includes a full medication review, correct dosage (and medication / dosage changes as your health situation improves), private prescriptions (in the UK), and the potential to cease taking medications where appropriate – all fully and seamlessly integrated with your Coho Health practitioner and your plan. 

Rishul says:

When you start working with the team at Coho health, I can help find the appropriate dosing of your medication and may be able to guide coming off some prescriptions all together where safe and applicable.

As a prescriber, I also provide support for what to expect when starting new medications as well as managing side effects.

Sometimes medication is necessary, and when it is I believe there is great benefit in partnering a Coho Health functional medicine approach and correct dosing.

My journey to functional medicine and working with Coho Health began when I became interested in biohacking years back, experimenting with my own habits and seeing benefits.

Then I started to delve deeper, listening to podcasts and learning about the concepts of integrative medicine.

I’ve since studied functional medicine with the Institute for Functional Medicine and I’m excited about how it can be applied in pharmacy to help optimise the body’s utilisation of prescribed medication.

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To your optimised, healthy future,

Rishul & the Coho Health team

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