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Yes, you read that right - if you don't start feeling noticeably better within 90 days, we'll work the next 90 days for free.

Hi, it’s Dee here.

I founded Coho Health to deliver life changing results to people who hadn’t been able to find solutions through conventional medicine (or other routes).

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That meant spending over 15 years and tens of thousands of UK Pounds / Euros / Dollars studying the very best qualifications.

Over the years I’ve obsessively studied research papers, often staying up until 1am (and later!), often dialling into USA based webinars in the middle of the night.

And I’ve spent years on the clinical front line, helping thousands of people just like you, learning what nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle strategies consistently gain the very best results, and how to adapt those strategies to the absolutely unique situations of each of our clients.

I continue to do all of that because it’s my passion, and so Coho Health can deliver on our promise not only to change your health, but to change the way we do health.

While that’s great, I also know from speaking to literally thousands of people by email and through discovery calls, that that’s not what matters to you.

What matters to you most is escaping years of health frustration and confusion, finally taking control of your health and getting your life back.

If you’re like many of our clients, you may be feeling helpless and out of hope right now.

You might be wondering who to trust, whether it’s worth your investment of time, energy, and the financial commitment, and whether our SIMPLE Functional Medicine framework will work for you.

If you’ve read all our success stories, you might have seen that others, and even those with complex cases or who didn’t know where to start, have achieved life changing results.

Coho Cares Functional Medicine Results Or We Work For Free Graphic

But you might be wondering if you could really achieve those same life changing results, asking yourself:

The ONE Pitfall You HAVE To Avoid At All Costs

Knowing who to trust, what tests to perofrm, which supplements are exactly right for you, and which lifestyle changes to make can be confusing and frustrating – there are literally thousands of options and millions of different combinations.

It can lead to paralysis by analysis, where you become like a rabbit in the headlights.

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But the one thing you absolutely can’t do is nothing.

Procrastination is your ultimate enemy – doing nothing gets you no results.

And chronic health conditions are not kind to the procrastinators, fence sitters, endless researchers, and those caught in the headlights of the thousands of options and millions of combinations.

The truth about chronic health conditions is that they only get worse over time, and the longer you’ve been suffering, the longer it takes to fix.

So inaction today is basically a vote for worse, and harder to fix health tomorrow.

Ask yourself two simple questions:

My 'Coho Cares' Guarantee

Coho Cares guarantee with gold leaves and text

So let me make you a bold offer today.

If you work with us for 90 days and you don’t start feeling noticeably better, we’ll work another 90 days, absolutely free.

About now you might be asking yourself why we’re making such an insane offer.

Here’s why:

But Don't Take Our Word For It - Here's What Our Clients Say...

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Alison W

Honestly, there is no health practitioner on Earth that can 100% guarantee you results.

But I want to give you the next best thing: a commitment that if you follow your personal plan, and after 90 days you don’t feel noticeably better, we’ll take responsibility and give you another 90 days of our time and expertise for free.

To your optimised, healthy future,

An image of Dee's signature in gold colour

Dee Brereton-Patel 

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