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Through our years of experience in helping people to feel better, we know that everyone is unique. 

Whatever your health concern, we start by taking the time to understand you.

Unique genetics and health history, combined with a lifestyle environment, nutrition, and biochemistry that are unique to you, means that unless we understand these factors, we’ll never fully understand, and be able to make a profound difference to, your personal health situation.

We like to call it joined up health.

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Before your appointment you’ll be asked to complete detailed health questionnaires and a food diary. 

This means that we can start to make significant progress at your very first consultation.

We then work together to understand what your health has been like in the past and how it is now, what you’re eating, how you are moving, your likes, dislikes and your lifestyle. 

We’ll assess whether you’re likely to have any genetic predispositions and we review any previous clinical test results.

As part of our work together, we may recommend functional testing to help pinpoint imbalances, meaning we can be more targeted in helping you, getting you the results you want, faster.

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We change lives

Here’s what people say about working with the Coho Health Functional Medicine team

Functional Medicine Manchester

By first taking time to listen, and identify the root cause of issues, we can begin to join up the dots to explain how you are feeling and put in place a direct and immediate plan to make things better.

This functional approach means that we look at you as a whole, assessing the systems that underpin health concerns, rather than only dealing with your symptoms.

A comprehensive personal plan will be drawn up and delivered to you within 5 working days of your initial appointment (2 days for follow up appointments). Your plan will summarise everything we discuss in your consultation, along with our detailed recommendations.

If you’re on a Functional Medicine Care Plan, follow-up appointments are scheduled at regular intervals over the length of your plan so we can give you the best support and care. You’ll also have access to support calls with your practitioner if you have any questions.

For those having single, pay-as-you-go initial and follow up appointments, you’ll receive your plan and recommendations as above, but support outside appointments is strictly limited to brief questions directly related to your plan, within 14 days of your plan being sent to you. For all other support, you’ll need to book a follow up appointment.

Your protocol is continuously reviewed and adapted after each appointment, in light of how you are feeling and new test results.

This ensures we continue to work toward your goals in the most effective way. Regular appointments allow us to shift focus from one aspect of your health to another as we make progress, as well as assessing what is or isn’t working for you. It’s important to remember that most chronic health issues evolve over many years, and so getting to the bottom of things can often take time.

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This is why care plans usually deliver the best results for our clients.

We also recognise that you are unique. The strategies we put in place are unique to you, and by working closely with you over a period of time, we can deliver better results by ensuring that your protocol will fit in with your lifestyle and personal preferences, motivations and circumstances.

The result isn’t just short term improved health, but prolonged optimal health.

If the time has come for you to take control of your health, you’re in the right place – we’re ready to help you get started today.

How much does it cost?

Our aim is to make taking control and feeling better available to as many people as possible. 

We keep our fees as low as possible, while reflecting the commitment we put into each consultation and client plan, and the incredible value you receive. Your investment with Coho depends on a couple of factors:

To see your options, simply send us a message or book a free 15 minute discovery call!

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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