Virtual Functional Medicine Clinic

If you have a chronic health issue, or want to focus on maximising your health so you’re ready for whatever life throws at you, you’re in the right place.

Our virtual, online Functional Medicine clinic is for people who need our expert help, but are unable to make it to one of our physical locations. Virtual appointment plans are available to everyone, anywhere in the World as long as you have an internet connection or phone.

Of course, with our virtual, online clinic, you’ll receive the same exceptional service from your expert Coho Health Functional Medicine practitioner as you would seeing us at one of our clinic locations.

Coho Virtual Functional Medicine Clinic

Wherever you are in the world, our friendly, expert team is on hand to help you feel better.

We’ll help you to deal with health problems, take back control, and maximise your life so you get the most out of every day.

Why let health problems or the feeling that you’re not operating at 100% hold you back?

Imagine if you could have your own personal expert on hand to guide you to better health.

Someone who takes the time to understand you, understands the root cause of what’s happening, and is experienced in delivering results.

We change lives

Here’s what people say about working with the Coho Health Functional Medicine team

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What you can expect from Coho Functional Medicine

We’ll help you to feel and perform better than you have in years, and we’ll empower you to stay that way

Appointments in person, by video or phone For maximum flexibility, your appointment can be held in person at one of our clinics, by video, or by phone.

Our virtual clinic is accessible everywhere
We’ve already helped people from over 22 different countries. Where ever you are in the World, our team can help you.


Expertise in a wide range of health issues
We’ve helped people with many different types of – often complex – heath challenges to feel better.


Science based and research driven
Our approach is based on science. We constantly review the latest research to stay ahead of the curve and provide the best advice.


Fully qualified, friendly practitioners
The passionate and dedicated Coho Health team is hand picked for their knowledge, and expertise.


Your health plan in your pocket
The Coho Health app means you’ve got access to all aspects of your plan at all times, and wherever you are.


Chat support for quick questions
Get high quality, on time support, and feel better faster. Your practitioner can answer quick, limited questions with our chat system.


Dive deeper with our resource library
Take your holistic health journey to the next level with our health, nutrition, lifestyle and exercise resource centre.

Change your life in 4 easy steps, starting now

Getting started with our virtual clinic is easy, just sign up to start changing your life now. Our team will take care of the rest

1. Choose your main goal

2. Choose your programme

3. Sign up

4. Get results

How can we help you? Is your priority to get expert guidance with:

– a non-specific chronic health problem (you don’t feel great but there’s no medical diagnosis)

– a specific chronic health problem (for instance IBS, SIBO, PCOS, menopause, food intolerances, thyroid)

Choose how long you want your coaching programme to be:

–  Single appointment

–  12 weeks

–  6 months

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll introduce you to your practitioner, and we’ll ask you to complete our intake questionnaires.

Then we’ll schedule your first appointment at a time that suits you and we’ll be all set to start your personal journey to optimised health.

Now it’s time to achieve life changing results – it’s what we do.

After your first appointment you’ll receive a clear personal plan that will cover everything you need to do.

All appointments are carried out over Zoom.

More about Coho Health

Meet our expert team, find out about Coho Care Plans, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions

Our friendly team are ready to help you to optimise your health, wherever in the world you are, and whatever your concern. 

If you have a question that’s not answered anywhere else, just use the form below to send us a message.

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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