Over the years we've had the pleasure of achieving results with a wide range of truly inspirational people

Each and every person has had unique challenges on their journey to overcoming their health issues. 

Many have endured years of frustration with no solution in sight, having been passed around the conventional medicine system. Others have suffered chronic, and often very complex, health conditions.

Below you can read what our clients say about working with us and how they changed their life for the better, whether through our Functional Medicine UK team, or our virtual clinic.

Samantha Smith


Before I saw Dee, I had been battling various health conditions for 6 years.

I had overcome 3 ‘death’ prognosis with multiple neurosurgeries and although I was no longer terminal, I seemed to be collecting more and more diagnosis.

Medications would help a little but the lines between my actual health and their side effects was so blurred I had no idea what my baseline was.

I was living in the belief that this was my life now.

Age 35, I would be unable to go back to the career I loved and instead, I’d spend my future battling against my own body, buying time but having little quality of life.

My stomach was sore and swollen.

My calorie intake was very low but I was gaining weight.

Each time I would eat I’d get cramps, nausea or sickness and it was as though my body would shut down – I couldn’t stay awake.

My chest and face would flush and I’d constantly have marks on my skin from pimples, rashes and angry spots.

Gastroenterology told me my gut was somewhat paralysed from the spinal cord injury and I suspected the masses of opiates I was on were contributing to that.

Blood tests for my liver function had been coming back ‘severely deranged’ for 3 years and doctors had looked into hepatitis, HIV and cancers.

They were intending to do a biopsy.

My adrenals had completely burned out and I was diagnosed with Addisons disease and told I’d be on steroids for the rest of my life.

My body was so exhausted that a slight coffee spill or shock would send my body into crisis landing me in resus.

My thyroid would swing from toxic to underactive and I was put on medication for Hashimoto’s.

I could go on and on about life back then.

To think it was only a year ago completely blows my mind.

My skin was lacklustre and swollen and I had no energy to live the life I had fought hard for.

I would sleep all night and then be awake for 2 hours before needing to rest in bed again and if I ever went to see my son play rugby or go on a walk with my family, I’d be bedbound for days.

It was incredibly depressing.

I know my experience is extreme but I was following western medicine protocols which have limited support or space for chronic and rare illness and under their pathway there was no room for hope or belief I could heal.

My care was hopeless and revolved around reducing symptoms with pharmaceuticals rather than looking into what the cause could be and attempting to support my body in its ability to heal.

Dee worked with me to understand what might be contributing to my problems. She helped me to prioritise my concerns and we initially worked to reduce some of the inflammation in my body and on healing my gut.

We did some lab tests to help us clearly understand what was happening on a cellular level in my body and I overhauled my diet by cutting out gluten, inflammatory foods and eating clean.

Dee is really empathetic and is great at clearly explaining the results and any actionable changes we can make to fix the root cause of problems.

Within just a few weeks I was able to see progress. I could eat without being sick or falling asleep and my stomach flattened out, less pain and bloating. Eventually my gut started to work more regularly and I could think more clearly.

Pain reduced despite me dramatically reducing all of my medications. My energy levels grew and I no longer need to sleep during the day.

Now, one year on – I am active, my thyroid is in remission and I’m on only a tiny hormone dose which is expected to be stopped soon.

My adrenals are healing and I’ve been able to stop the ‘lifetime’ steroid medications.

I have been able to return to work and qualify as a nutritional therapist (inspired by our work together).

I can take care of the house and actually be present with my family without paying the price with days in bed afterwards.

My children have their mum back after all this time and I feel empowered.

I can look to the future without fear in the knowledge that healing is possible when we have know how to support our body on a cellular level.

I’ve learned to reconnect with my body and to trust it again.

After all these years of surviving amidst western medicine, I felt disempowered and disconnected from my body.

I’ve become far more conscious of my life choices, from the food we eat, to the chemicals in our homes and environments.

I’ve reconnected with nature and reignited a passion for cooking meals from scratch, often with homegrown ingredients.

I recognise that western medicine has a place in acute illness or injury but I always felt misplaced and neglected when I needed support with chronic illness.

Functional medicine and nutrition is definitely the solution and I wish I’d chosen to invest in my health on this route long ago.

Our bodies have an incredible, innate ability to heal with the right support and ingredients.

It’s been a long journey with Dee and it isn’t always easy making huge lifestyle changes.

The results you achieve will be a direct consequence of how much you choose to commit to the approach.

I had such huge improvements because I threw myself into the process and allowed myself to be curious and enjoy it.

Functional medicine can be financially costly, but without Dee’s support I was already paying the ultimate price of my life, my future and health.

I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone because you don’t need to be as sick as I was to benefit from Dee’s help.

We all have symptoms we’d like to live without or aspects of our health and wellbeing that we’d like to improve and it’s really possible once we have a deeper understanding of our body and lifestyle with functional medicine.

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Katie B


Prior to my experience of working with Dee at Coho I was suffering from terrible gastro-intestinal discomfort and symptoms. This was having a profound impact on my health and general well-being, I wasn’t myself and I wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed, such as strength training and keeping fit. Prior to this I had never suffered any health complaints.

Despite having a reasonable knowledge of health and nutrition through my own occupation and personal interest I’d implemented by own lifestyle and nutrition changes to no effect. This is when I first approached Dee, and opted to take a functional medicine approach to resolving my symptoms.

Dee performed a thorough initial consultation and we discussed all areas of my health, well-being and lifestyle to get to the root cause of my symptoms. She always supported and empowered me to make my own decisions, prior to implementing any changes or treatment. 

Dee was very supportive outside of face to face consultations providing me with advice and support via email and telephone.

An unsurprising, but incredibly invaluable investment was the education and knowledge I have taken from Dee about managing my own health, lifestyle and well-being throughout this process. 

She was always more than happy to answer my questions and enhance my knowledge along the journey, to enable me to self-manage any future issues.

Since seeing Dee I am at the peak of wellness, fitness and strength and I can’t recommend her expertise enough. 

A fantastic investment in my wellness, health and knowledge.

Veronica Lott


Coho Health was the best choice of my life.

After going uselessly for months from one doctor to another doctor, because of my bacteria issue, it was a like seeing finally a light in a tunnel.

I was working with Aga and her methodical and holistic approach has made finally a change and allow my body to get stronger and recover.

I strongly recommend Coho Health to anybody in need.

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Ellen Spencer


I had been suffering with many symptoms throughout my 20’s and early 30’s that had just become the norm for me.

Just before contacting Coho Health I really hit a brick wall and felt like my body was actually shutting down.

I had many symptoms such as brain fog, puffy face and body, muscle fatigue, reflux, congestion and runny nose, sore throat and glands, no menstrual cycle, constant water infections, and worst of all very bad IBS.

I felt that these symptoms had come about from many years of an eating disorder, however I later found out after working with Coho Health that these symptoms are also linked with chronic stress and emotional dysregulation.

Since working with Coho Health and specifically with my practitioner Aga, I began to understand just how compromised my whole body was, and how much attention and nurturing almost every system in my body needed.

With the support of Aga, we pretty much worked slowly through every system, going step by step and helping me to understand my body better and learning to listen to it.

Aga would make me a plan after every consultation that would recommend protocols and supplements to help me to heal my body, and then would always be on hand for any questions or general support.

With her help, after a year and a half I feel like a completely new person. I understand my body better, and what foods to choose to nourish it, as well as areas that are still delicate and still need a lot more care and nurturing.

We managed to turn around the IBS, get my menstrual cycle back, stop the reflux and congestion. Sore glands are gone, puffy face in the morning is gone, brain fog is gone.

I cant tell you how good it feels to wake up in the morning and feel well!

I have learned about how important it is to listen to the body as a whole, as well as to take notice of every system in the body and give it as much attention as the next.

I have learned so much about my body, and most importantly how to listen to it.

I have made massive lifestyle changes mainly with a huge emphasis on rest and relaxation, and now live my life in a whole different way than I used to. It has been a huge adjustment, but it has been worth it for a fuller quality of life.

Working with Aga has completely changed my life in ways that I never knew needed changing in the first place.

I feel very lucky that I met Aga at the right time, as finding the right practitioner who you trust and feel confident in can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Aga always listens and also encourages you to listen to yourself. She believes that you have the answers and because of that you begin to believe it too.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I came to Coho Health and how transformative it has been for me.

Thank you Coho Health and a huge thank you to Aga.

I have already recommended Coho Health to about 3 people. I tell them that its a wonderfully comprehensive experience, with no pressure, really remarkable practitioners, and really crazy value for money!

Vasilka Mekushina



Absolutely amazing team. I personally worked with Dee, however I am 100% sure that all are very very good.

Me and my husband, both had some fertility issues and have been trying for nearly 10 years.

Dee was recommended by a friend and I didn’t hesitate to contact her. She helped to track any single problem that could prevent a pregnancy by running some tests and then recommended supplements and diet that helped.

When GP was only talking about my problems, Dee was looking at both and made sure we were both healthy.

We were so thrilled to find out that we were expecting which wasn’t the end actually. We continued working together through my whole pregnancy, making sure I take all the necessary vitamins for my body to be able carry a healthy baby.

Healthy mama, healthy baby!

I had such an easy pregnancy (I kept telling Dee, that I don’t feel pregnant at all :))) and no postpartum issues.

All my friends warned me to be ready for falling hair, gum diseases etc. but I had non of that and I know it’s because my body wasn’t deficient of any vitamin or mineral.

I am super proud to say that now I am a mum of beautiful baby boy.

Knowing that Dee and her team exist gives me a comfort as I know that if we ever have some health issues in the future (touch wood), I’ll contact them straight away.

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Charmian Johnson


Dee at Coco Health is extremely knowledgeable and has a lovely manner.

She explains things really clearly and is very personable.

Modern medicine only seems to treat the symptoms whereas Dee adopts a holistic (and importantly effective) approach and I’ve found her much more helpful than a GP.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dee.



My partner and I had been struggling to conceive for over a year prior to working with Dee at Coho Health.

Since coming off the contraceptive pill my cycle had not regulated and I had many unanswered questions around my health.

Although I did much research myself into functional testing, supplements and lifestyle changes to assist my journey it had become a confusing minefield of options which resulted in me needing guidance.

Working with Coho Health gave me the access to functional testing not available on the NHS / without a practitioner that could give me more insight into the possible causes of my infertility.

They also interpreted the results which would be very difficult/impossible alone.

My partner also worked with a member of the Coho health team, our results combined identified issues that resulted in us having our NHS funded IVF round as an ICSI round (rather than standard IVF which would have likely failed) and I have gone on to have a successful pregnancy from this for which we are extremely grateful.

Although we didn’t manage to conceive naturally which has been our original hope, we do feel that the diet and lifestyle changes plus supplements aided us in getting pregnant on our first and only NHS funded round of IVF/ICSI.

I have learnt valuable information around diet and lifestyle that I will aim to retain and continue to use going forward.

I would recommend Coho Health, Dee has been kind and supportive throughout my journey and I would recommend to anyone requiring guidance and direction on their fertility journey.

Thanks Coho Health 

Julia Beer


My experience with Dee at Coho Health has been amazing.

She has a huge reservoir of knowledge about both functional and allopathic Medicine.

The advice she gives is very thorough and she has a lovely, calm and friendly manner.

She’s been advising both my husband and I for a few months now and I am recommending her and her team to everyone I meet!

Maialen Sánchez Bergara


I had PCOS, had been taking birth-control for 6 years and had never been able to have a natural period.

Plus was suffering hair thinning and loss.

I wanted to find a way to approach my PCOS in a way that was aligned with my body, without any side effects.

I now understand the core reason why I developed my condition and know how to address it through nutrition and lifestyle habits.

For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to have my period without any medication, two times in a row.

I have learned how the food I eat, the supplements I take and the lifestyle choices I make affect my body, mood and overall wellbeing and so, how to choose them wisely in order to stay healthy.

I recommend Coho Health to my friends, family, and colleagues because they will get an understanding of the underlying issues causing their disease, a plan to address it, and the best care and attention from the practitioners.



I had some issues with my immune system, fertility issues conceiving my second child, an autoimmune thyroid disorder, lots of muscle aches, plus some escalating allergic reactions to more and more foods, which were becoming quite scary. 

I felt like my immune system was beginning to spiral out of my control and I was worried about developing further autoimmune conditions.

I feel like I have so much more knowledge and understanding now and much more control over my health. 

I made big long term changes to my diet- which Dee made manageable for me by hearing what would / wouldn’t be doable for me and encouraging me to make the tough changes. 

I felt empowered and motivated to do this by the knowledge that Dee gave me in terms of what impact my diet / microbiome and the resulting effect on my gut might be having on my immune system. 

I rid myself of some unwanted microorganisms in my tummy which had probably been the culprits behind some of my issues, without using antibiotics. 

I lost a lot of weight without even trying and have so enjoyed feeling more my body’s natural size again. 

Most importantly the body aches/ allergic reactions have reduced. 

I feel like my body is less inflamed generally and functioning better- which has been life-changing and enhancing. 

My menstrual cycles have greatly settled again, despite being of perimenopausal age. I am able to eat out again! And eat without fear. 

I feel so much better.

Through a personalised programme of testing and diet/supplement protocols, Dee’s guidance gave me evidence through personal experience the difference that changes in diet and lifestyle can create, using evidence-supported gentle natural supplements and medicines. 

It often led me to do my own further research too. I have learnt so many insights about my own personal health profile; my microbiome, hormones, even certain elements of my DNA and how it impacts me! 

I have learned about the foods/ lifestyle and supplements that do and don’t support my health and body and the way I can do this as naturally as possible. 

As she is so client-centred and such a good listener, we figured out some things together. I am still learning, and still completely engaged in learning.

Dee is an amazing professional – she has so much knowledge and expertise but is also very patient and gently encouraging. 

I felt like she really understands my vulnerability but also had the confidence and knowledge to guide and help me connect with my strength to make the changes needed to achieve better health outcomes for myself. 

I feel a genuine care for me and my family and a desire to share knowledge about health to improve peoples’ lives. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.

Sara Andrejević


I’m so grateful for finding Dee!

She has been supporting me for more than a year now and I’m genuinely impressed with her knowledge and professionalism.

She’s dealing with a complex health problem in a very systematic and dedicated way.

I’m happy with my results so far and looking forward to the years to come.

Nel R


I have worked with Coho Health for around a year and a half over lockdown after hitting a brick wall with my symptoms.

I chose Aga as my practitioner and I cannot praise her highly enough.

She has helped me to feel like a new person, always being on hand with any worries or concerns, sharing all her knowledge with me and educating me on a whole new and more fulfilling way to live my life.

With her help I got my menstrual cycle back after never having had it since I was 16, got rid of brain fog, congestion, reflux, nausea, sore glands, bad sleep, water retention, recurring cystitis, recurring thrush (yes I was this ill!).

I have none of these things in my life anymore and I now wake up in the morning feeling well!

If you are considering trying Coho Health, really you have nothing to lose. Having a first consultation will provide you with a supplement plan and lifestyle changes that you can then try out in your life with no obligation to go back.

It’s a huge journey to embark on however, and I know I couldn’t have done it without Aga.

Thank you Aga and thank you Coho Health.

María Jimena Bellina


Dee was pivotal in optimising my overall health – I was so tired of the one-size-fits-all mechanical approach of modern medicine and I was relieved to find in Dee a practitioner who would treat me – as well are – an individual with my own physical nuances and quirks.

The care goes beyond the medicinal and the trite “bedside manner” and she’s always been able to provide the emotional support and sensitivity needed to navigate the rougher waters we might experience.

Darley Bonnett


I was looking for something different, not just to treat the problem, but also find the root of the problem.

I am really glad that I met Dee, she has helped me and my family a lot in different ways like with hormonal imbalances, acne and overweight for the last couple of years.

She has changed the way we eat and help us understand why it is so important for our bodies. She is really passionate and has a lot of knowledge.

I highly recommend her.

Samantha Byrne


My whole family have used Coho health over the past 7 years.

I had been plagued with acne from about my mid 20’s, after trying various prescribed medicines by my GP with no great success I decided to contact Dee at Coho Health to help me get my skin under control.

My daughter had been struggling with molluscum for over 3 years, we had lost hope that we would ever be able to help her get rid of it.

Working with Coho health for me personally changed the way I view my health and the health of my family.

Dee helped me looked at my diet, my nutrition and my life style to help my body process my hormones (which were the cause of my bad skin) in a way that totally cleared up my skin and more importantly made me feel much healthier and energetic.

The same results also for my daughter, she would be exhausted by 7 pm at night and didn’t have the energy a normal 6 year old should have, after working with Coho Health she is now operating on full cylinders and not only is her molluscum better but her over all health has improved dramatically.

I have learned so much from the Coho health team, I think the crucial lesson is that our health is really in our own hands, with the help of a functional medicine and a nutritional therapist you can take a deeper look into how your body is operating and what support it needs to help you feel fully charged and revitalised.

I would recommend Coho Health to everyone, my father, my brother and my sister have also used their services.

Dee and the team at Coho help, work with you to find the best solution for you.

They can adapt their approach to your lifestyle which is really important as a strict routine is not suitable / possible for all their patients and so they tailor their health plans to suit the individual.

Chari Valero


I initially went to see Dee to see whether I could control my PMS symptoms (mood swings & anger)  – avoiding the ‘antidepressants’ route.

To my surprise, after only 2 sessions and implementing the changes to my diet and lifestyle that Dee had suggested (as well as a vitamin supplement), my mood was much more manageable.

Now a few months later, it’s actually not a problem anymore, I am much more calm, and have a lot more energy. 

As a result, the whole family, not just myself, have benefited from Dee’s help! I would certainly recommend Dee to anyone.

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Sharon B


Before I came to see Coho Health, I was at a very low point. 

I was having upper and lower GI issues, I was feeling depressed and finding it difficult to make simple decisions like what to eat. Consequently I was losing weight and had very little energy. 

I had seen my GP who had run some basic tests but no abnormalities had been detected. I knew something wasn’t right however and that I needed to look outside of the NHS for help.

Working with Coho was such a refreshing experience. 

The team and my practitioner, Aga, in particular showed genuine interest in my problems and were incredibly diligent in reviewing all my previous medical tests and in listening to my previous medical history. 

Aga was very patient and kind to me and never appeared to be hurried during our consultations.

Importantly, by taking a functional medicine approach, Aga was able to order the right tests to identify several infections that were causing many, if not most, of my symptoms. 

Having treated these infections, I am so much better than I was. I’m eating better and putting on weight and feel able to make decisions and do more of the things I enjoy such as hill walking.

I’ve learnt that it is possible to heal yourself with the support of a functional medical practitioner. 

Finding the underlying cause of my problem has made a huge difference to my health and I value the support that I am still receiving. 

I’ve also learnt that healing can take time and it’s important to be patient but that the right course of treatment will be found. If you are struggling, then reaching out to your practitioner for words of encouragement can really help too.

I would like to praise Aga for her patience, kindness, resourcefulness and for the knowledge and expertise she has applied to my situation.

I recommend Coho Health without any hesitation. The team has access to testing not available to other institutions but also because of their approach and determination to get to the root cause of the problem. 

Additionally, they are extremely approachable and personable which I found very important when I was at such a low point in my life.

Stuart Lord-Winnard


Coho Health helped me recover to full health after suffering months of fatigue, headaches and other symptoms of a post-viral fatigue condition.

They are very methodical and tailor any testing to the individual to help find any root cause of the problem and help manage you back to health.

It is very professional service, very approachable and even though we had to meet remotely there was a very human and personal presence.

Easy 5 stars.

Jhered & Gracie


Dee is very personal and caring of everyone she helps.

Coho Health is very thorough in their testing. I remember Dee reminding me that knowledge is power, and it’s so true. I have the power to change my health.

I highly recommend Coho Health. We love Dee and her willingness to serve others. I have already recommended her to many.

She listens so well, has so much knowledge and has a made a real difference to my health and life.

Elaine H


I have been working with Dee, founder of Coho Health, for about a year now and I have recommended her as a trusted practitioner to several family members and friends because of the insight and knowledge she has, plus her caring, gentle and generous nature.

She listens so well, has so much knowledge and has a made a real difference to my health and life.



I went for the GP blood tests today and it happened to be my diabetic nurse that took them…. was expecting her to be a bit peeved that I hadn’t taken them (prescribed medication for diabetes) and gone elsewhere for advice….

She weighed me and said “oh gosh well something’s working you’ve really lost some weight”. She said she thought my Nutritionist sounded amazing to keep trying what I was doing, it made total sense to her. 

That probably 10 years ago my thyroid would have been classified as a problem by the GP but that the boundaries have decreased. 

She asked me who you were as her sister has low level thyroid issues that are not classified as an issue by the NHS but that are having a negative affect…

7 days later…

My HbA1c in December (after I’d been calorie counting and generally doing the ‘eat right plate’) was 57, this is when the diabetic nurse first suggested I go on the tablets that have a side effect of thrush. 

She said the target for me was 48, this seemed impossible as I felt I was trying so hard already. My result today, after roughly just 6 or 7 weeks doing what you’ve said (and not 100% perfectly) is 46!!

I am absolutely delighted!! And surprised!! I just obviously need to keep doing what I’m doing.I seriously cannot thank you enough. 

I know I am still on a journey but I know feel like I’m on the right path. So glad I didn’t take those extra tablets and contacted you instead.

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Rich W


When I first came to Dee I had three key issues that I wanted to tackle.  

For years I have struggled with stomach discomfort and sinus issues and more recently my stress levels have risen due to work and study commitments.

During the first meeting Dee focused on creating an understanding of these issues and what I’d done so far in trying to alleviate the symptoms.  

Off the back of this, Dee made various recommendations not just focused towards food intake but also life changes I could implement to improve my health and well-being.

My stomach has had a dramatic turnaround now that I better understand some of the triggers which had previously caused discomfort.  

The sessions continue to be an education and even though I’m still a work in progress, I know that with Dee’s guidance I can continue on a healthy path.

Chet Patel


I have been using Coho health for a number of years.

Dee managed to get to the root cause of a gut problem when doctors and consultants couldn’t. 

I have since used her for myself and my family and would highly recommend her.



When I came to Coho Health I was unknowingly suffering with SIBO and an under active Thyroid.

Despite my best efforts physically and mentally I could not seem to improve the situation only keep it at bay.

We identified what the underlying causes for the way I was feeling were (SIBO & THYROID). I was then devised a cohesive plan along with supplements to take to begin improving the situation.

Since then I have achieved better digestion and increased mood & energy levels. I have learned a great deal about the human body and the many intricacies that contribute to homeostasis.

I have learnt in particular what I need to do in order to maintain my current level of health, for example things to avoid/include. Finally I feel I have discovered the significance of lifestyle and how that contributes to well being and happiness.

I would also like to point out how extremely helpful and supportive Aga has been to me along my journey to recovering my health. 

I felt that I was in the care of an intelligent professional who is well studied and confident in her ability to help me obtain the goals I had set for myself.

I cannot thank Coho Health enough and have already recommended Aga to my friends and family. I feel that this is the future of health and a lot of ill health today has unfortunately been misdiagnosed.

Working with Coho has been an amazing experience and not only am I happy with the results I feel I have also gained an education in the meantime.

Allanah Ashdown


Dee knew before any GP that my issues were caused by hormones. 

Now that I have a diagnosis of endometriosis she is who I have gone back to for help and advice. 

She is so supportive and has really tailored her approach to suit me, my lifestyle, and my needs. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah Barnes


I reached out to Coho Health because I was suffering with very bad body eczema and severe hand eczema which was also infected. I also had low energy and poor sleep.

I started working with Irene Balazs and we worked through an elimination diet and also a detoxification of my liver.

It has been a slow process due to my hectic lifestyle, bereavements and my infections. Being on antibiotics really slowed us down over the summer but I feel like we have achieved so much.

I think my leaky gut is now healed as I can now eat avocado without getting stomach ache – which is fantastic as it’s one of my favourite foods!

My hand eczema has reduced significantly and is now more under control. I am close to detecting if it’s gluten, diary or tomatoes that causes my flare ups. We are also testing my cortisol levels to try and get on top of my sleeping.

I’ve learned how to manage my diet, learnt so much about gut health and how it affects EVERYTHING!

I’ve really benefited from support from Irene this year and have changed my thinking in regards to diet and what i put in my body.

Gut health is so import to our overall health I would recommend everyone should see Irene!!

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I had various health issues, gluten sensitivity, hypothyroidism, weight gain, fatigue and Dee supported me with tests and supplements to a much more stable place.

I have been helped to heal a leaky gut, improve digestion and energy and work through issues as they occur.

I have learned a lot about myself, how to notice and note what affects me and what causes problems. I have also learned that Dee is an excellent, patient and professional practitioner.

I’m appreciative of my continuing support from Dee which helps me maintain my health.

I’d absolutely recommend Dee and Coho Health – nothing is too much trouble and the support is excellent.

Kat Nellist


Dee’s support, advice and expert knowledge has been absolutely invaluable to me for the past two years.

She listens and makes helpful recommendations which have helped me through a difficult health patch.

I am now through that, but I still seek Dee’s advice and guidance to keep me on track.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Coho Health to anyone seeking support for their health and wellbeing.

Preetpal Randhawa


Fantastic service and help.

Lulu helped me immensely and realigned my eating habits and thought process to be honest.

I cannot thank her and the team enough with their detailed nutrition plans and easy to talk to environment when on zoom.

Thankyou so much for all your help.

Iain W


Matt and Dee have been supporting my family and I with health related wisdom for the last fifteen years and have always provided advice informed by quality research.

My interaction with them has included a helpful elimination diet and a subsequent transition to a much more sustainable diet and lifestyle, which has enabled me to feel healthier and happier.

When Covid-19 hit in 2020 and I suffered from stress related anxiety, both were invaluable in providing some remedies both in terms of supplemental help but also apps to support mental wellbeing.

The Coho health duo have inspired me to engage meaningfully in understanding the health issues of my family and I.

This has been a catalyst in my work in which I have been able to educate others and ‘pay it forward.’

Thank you to both Matt and Dee for the tireless dedication they show in providing caring but informative support to their clients.

Madison Brookes


Coho Health assisted me in returning my body back to optimal health.

I was suffering with horrible symptoms leaving me body ridden and out of alignment. They were a step in the right direction for me to achieve my goal.

By running different lab tests we were able to work together to figure out what was wrong with me and solve the problem.

It has been a true blessing for me.



I attend Coho Health during a really difficult period in my life.

I was at a loss and had no luck with conventional medicine and GP’s.

The service I received here was second to none and I was helped to address the root causes of my problems and now manage to live free from those issues that once consumed me.

Thankyou for all of your help,

T.  🙌🏾✨

Ilani P


Working with Dee is the best decision I have ever made.

After a lifetime of female hormone related issues, Dee recommended a new healthier lifestyle after some blood testing.

I would recommended her to everyone



I cannot recommend Dee and the team enough.

I’ve had various health problems over the years and conventional medicine just wasn’t cutting the mark.

Since changing my approach and turning to Coho Health, I haven’t seen my GP in years.

Thank you!

Rosie Clarke


The detox is going well – mentally I’ve never felt happier. Initially it was tough physically due to illness, but I finally think physically I’m starting to feel the benefits too.

I’m slowly getting into cooking different food and loving it, and I feel like I would love to keep this up past January.

So a HUGE thanks for this, it’s been a really big learning curve. Amongst other things it’s stopped me picking at rubbish food and given me the motivation to start yoga again.



I was well but struggling to loss any weight, despite eating less, and was probably eating an insufficient diet, in terms of variety, vitamin and mineral content.

I was given a carefully tailored detox plan, which importantly was achievable! After my formal detox I have been able to incorporate some of the learnings into my daily diet, learning some easy techniques to increase my intake of essential vitamins and minerals!

This tailored approach to nutrition is a positive way to inspire a real change in habits – as it’s just exactly what YOUR body needs!

I would definitely recommend Dee, she is great in motivating change without any feelings of pressure or guilt if you fail.

Andrew B


Dee and Matt have been providing me with advice since 2008, starting with nutritional and supplementation advice which massively helped me deal with adrenal burnout resulting from an intense and stressful workload over a long period of time. 

They continue to support my health holistically with testing, nutritional advice and supplementation to keep me functioning at my best.



If you are looking for an empathetic and extremely competent practitioner, look no further.

6 stars.

Jamie Mitchell


I had quite a few health issues and had felt unwell for years.

I have a chronic blood condition and wasn’t right mentally.

I have tried most of what conventional medicine had to offer (anti-depressants etc) and a few different alternative practices, but I still wasn’t right.

Dee suggested a change of diet and we did some tests.

The results showed high levels of a metal in my body, pathogens in my gut, an issue with my thyroid and a few other things.

I have been treated with natural antibiotics, natural chelation tablets and lots of different supplements to correct deficiencies.

4 months in I’m feeling brighter, life feels a bit easier, I’m doing a bit more and I’ve lost a stone and a half. I’m still not completely right and I’m having more tests.

Dee is caring, patient and very knowledgeable about natural health.

I would definitely recommend coho health.

The service isn’t cheap but I think its very reasonable considering the way things are at the moment.

Rob Jones


Aga is extremely knowledgeable and also a great peoples person.

She really listens to what you have to say when you describe your symptoms and also understands the difficulties of them, which is really great, as in the past when going to regular GP’s, I haven’t always felt either of these things have been the case.

I am only in the early stages of the process but from what I have experienced so far, I would highly recommend COHO and I am excited for the future 🙂

Neil Morton


Since first meeting with Dee late in 2022, I have been on what I can only describe as a journey of discovery.

During the initial consultation we discussed my concerns and needs, Dee immediately set about suggesting ways to support my health.

After tests which confirmed Dee’s original thoughts, she created a program to clean up and revitalise my system.

Throughout this year I have been slowly but surely working through, and have seen improvements as we have progressed along the way.

Right now, I am in the later stages, where we put the good stuff back, and I am already starting to see more improvements, and look forward to further gains as my body is able to build back stronger.

Throughout the time, I have become more aware of what is happening within my body, and being able to relate to possible causes.

Dee is very much of the view that knowledge is power, and takes her time to explain why things happen, and how I can help my body.

Dee and the team have been on hand to help and support me along the way.

Rafal Gelner


It has been an amazing transformation with Coho Health and me coming back to full vitality and well-being.

I appreciate the professional and friendly approach and support during the tough times I had.

Especially thanks to wonderful Aga, who was my practitioner and supported me when I need it the most!

James Darnell


I’m a cyclist and have been working towards a goal of competing in a 7 day 850km race across the Alps.

When I went to visit Dee, I was suffering from huge slumps in energy in the day and struggling to have the energy to train regularly and keep my weight low which is very important for a cyclist.  

The nutrition plan that Dee gave me allowed me to lose body fat whilst increasing strength & fitness. At the same time I was able to maintain my weight without feeling hungry or getting energy slumps.  

In the race itself I performed much better than anticipated, something I couldn’t have achieved without the help of the team at Coho Health.

If it’s time for you to take control and change your life, just hit the button or complete the contact form below: 

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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