Over the years we've had the pleasure of achieving results with a wide range of truly inspirational people

Each and every person has had unique challenges on their journey to overcoming their health issues. 

Many have endured years of frustration with no solution in sight, having been passed around the conventional medicine system. Others have suffered chronic, and often very complex, health conditions.

Below you can read what our clients say about working with us and how they changed their life for the better.

Katie B


Prior to my experience of working with Dee at Coho I was suffering from terrible gastro-intestinal discomfort and symptoms. This was having a profound impact on my health and general well-being, I wasn’t myself and I wasn’t able to do the things I enjoyed, such as strength training and keeping fit. Prior to this I had never suffered any health complaints.

Despite having a reasonable knowledge of health and nutrition through my own occupation and personal interest I’d implemented by own lifestyle and nutrition changes to no effect. This is when I first approached Dee, and opted to take a functional medicine approach to resolving my symptoms.

Dee performed a thorough initial consultation and we discussed all areas of my health, well-being and lifestyle to get to the root cause of my symptoms. She always supported and empowered me to make my own decisions, prior to implementing any changes or treatment. 

Dee was very supportive outside of face to face consultations providing me with advice and support via email and telephone.

An unsurprising, but incredibly invaluable investment was the education and knowledge I have taken from Dee about managing my own health, lifestyle and well-being throughout this process. 

She was always more than happy to answer my questions and enhance my knowledge along the journey, to enable me to self-manage any future issues.

Since seeing Dee I am at the peak of wellness, fitness and strength and I can’t recommend her expertise enough. 

A fantastic investment in my wellness, health and knowledge.

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Ellen Spencer


I had been suffering with many symptoms throughout my 20’s and early 30’s that had just become the norm for me.

Just before contacting Coho Health I really hit a brick wall and felt like my body was actually shutting down.

I had many symptoms such as brain fog, puffy face and body, muscle fatigue, reflux, congestion and runny nose, sore throat and glands, no menstrual cycle, constant water infections, and worst of all very bad IBS.

I felt that these symptoms had come about from many years of an eating disorder, however I later found out after working with Coho Health that these symptoms are also linked with chronic stress and emotional dysregulation.

Since working with Coho Health and specifically with my practitioner Aga, I began to understand just how compromised my whole body was, and how much attention and nurturing almost every system in my body needed.

With the support of Aga, we pretty much worked slowly through every system, going step by step and helping me to understand my body better and learning to listen to it.

Aga would make me a plan after every consultation that would recommend protocols and supplements to help me to heal my body, and then would always be on hand for any questions or general support.

With her help, after a year and a half I feel like a completely new person. I understand my body better, and what foods to choose to nourish it, as well as areas that are still delicate and still need a lot more care and nurturing.

We managed to turn around the IBS, get my menstrual cycle back, stop the reflux and congestion. Sore glands are gone, puffy face in the morning is gone, brain fog is gone.

I cant tell you how good it feels to wake up in the morning and feel well!

I have learned about how important it is to listen to the body as a whole, as well as to take notice of every system in the body and give it as much attention as the next.

I have learned so much about my body, and most importantly how to listen to it.

I have made massive lifestyle changes mainly with a huge emphasis on rest and relaxation, and now live my life in a whole different way than I used to. It has been a huge adjustment, but it has been worth it for a fuller quality of life.

Working with Aga has completely changed my life in ways that I never knew needed changing in the first place.

I feel very lucky that I met Aga at the right time, as finding the right practitioner who you trust and feel confident in can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Aga always listens and also encourages you to listen to yourself. She believes that you have the answers and because of that you begin to believe it too.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I came to Coho Health and how transformative it has been for me.

Thank you Coho Health and a huge thank you to Aga.

I have already recommended Coho Health to about 3 people. I tell them that its a wonderfully comprehensive experience, with no pressure, really remarkable practitioners, and really crazy value for money!

Nel R


I have worked with Coho Health for around a year and a half over lockdown after hitting a brick wall with my symptoms.

I chose Aga as my practitioner and I cannot praise her highly enough.

She has helped me to feel like a new person, always being on hand with any worries or concerns, sharing all her knowledge with me and educating me on a whole new and more fulfilling way to live my life.

With her help I got my menstrual cycle back after never having had it since I was 16, got rid of brain fog, congestion, reflux, nausea, sore glands, bad sleep, water retention, recurring cystitis, recurring thrush (yes I was this ill!).

I have none of these things in my life anymore and I now wake up in the morning feeling well!

If you are considering trying Coho Health, really you have nothing to lose. Having a first consultation will provide you with a supplement plan and lifestyle changes that you can then try out in your life with no obligation to go back.

It’s a huge journey to embark on however, and I know I couldn’t have done it without Aga.

Thank you Aga and thank you Coho Health.

Chari Valero


I initially went to see Dee to see whether I could control my PMS symptoms (mood swings & anger)  – avoiding the ‘antidepressants’ route.

To my surprise, after only 2 sessions and implementing the changes to my diet and lifestyle that Dee had suggested (as well as a vitamin supplement), my mood was much more manageable.

Now a few months later, it’s actually not a problem anymore, I am much more calm, and have a lot more energy. 

As a result, the whole family, not just myself, have benefited from Dee’s help! I would certainly recommend Dee to anyone.

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Sharon B


Before I came to see Coho Health, I was at a very low point. 

I was having upper and lower GI issues, I was feeling depressed and finding it difficult to make simple decisions like what to eat. Consequently I was losing weight and had very little energy. 

I had seen my GP who had run some basic tests but no abnormalities had been detected. I knew something wasn’t right however and that I needed to look outside of the NHS for help.

Working with Coho was such a refreshing experience. 

The team and my practitioner, Aga, in particular showed genuine interest in my problems and were incredibly diligent in reviewing all my previous medical tests and in listening to my previous medical history. 

Aga was very patient and kind to me and never appeared to be hurried during our consultations.

Importantly, by taking a functional medicine approach, Aga was able to order the right tests to identify several infections that were causing many, if not most, of my symptoms. 

Having treated these infections, I am so much better than I was. I’m eating better and putting on weight and feel able to make decisions and do more of the things I enjoy such as hill walking.

I’ve learnt that it is possible to heal yourself with the support of a functional medical practitioner. 

Finding the underlying cause of my problem has made a huge difference to my health and I value the support that I am still receiving. 

I’ve also learnt that healing can take time and it’s important to be patient but that the right course of treatment will be found. If you are struggling, then reaching out to your practitioner for words of encouragement can really help too.

I would like to praise Aga for her patience, kindness, resourcefulness and for the knowledge and expertise she has applied to my situation.

I recommend Coho Health without any hesitation. The team has access to testing not available to other institutions but also because of their approach and determination to get to the root cause of the problem. 

Additionally, they are extremely approachable and personable which I found very important when I was at such a low point in my life.

Stuart Lord-Winnard


Coho Health helped me recover to full health after suffering months of fatigue, headaches and other symptoms of a post-viral fatigue condition.

They are very methodical and tailor any testing to the individual to help find any root cause of the problem and help manage you back to health.

It is very professional service, very approachable and even though we had to meet remotely there was a very human and personal presence.

Easy 5 stars.



I went for the GP blood tests today and it happened to be my diabetic nurse that took them…. was expecting her to be a bit peeved that I hadn’t taken them (prescribed medication for diabetes) and gone elsewhere for advice….

She weighed me and said “oh gosh well something’s working you’ve really lost some weight”. She said she thought my Nutritionist sounded amazing to keep trying what I was doing, it made total sense to her. 

That probably 10 years ago my thyroid would have been classified as a problem by the GP but that the boundaries have decreased. 

She asked me who you were as her sister has low level thyroid issues that are not classified as an issue by the NHS but that are having a negative affect…

7 days later…

My HbA1c in December (after I’d been calorie counting and generally doing the ‘eat right plate’) was 57, this is when the diabetic nurse first suggested I go on the tablets that have a side effect of thrush. 

She said the target for me was 48, this seemed impossible as I felt I was trying so hard already. My result today, after roughly just 6 or 7 weeks doing what you’ve said (and not 100% perfectly) is 46!!

I am absolutely delighted!! And surprised!! I just obviously need to keep doing what I’m doing.I seriously cannot thank you enough. 

I know I am still on a journey but I know feel like I’m on the right path. So glad I didn’t take those extra tablets and contacted you instead.

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Rich W


When I first came to Dee I had three key issues that I wanted to tackle.  

For years I have struggled with stomach discomfort and sinus issues and more recently my stress levels have risen due to work and study commitments.

During the first meeting Dee focused on creating an understanding of these issues and what I’d done so far in trying to alleviate the symptoms.  

Off the back of this, Dee made various recommendations not just focused towards food intake but also life changes I could implement to improve my health and well-being.

My stomach has had a dramatic turnaround now that I better understand some of the triggers which had previously caused discomfort.  

The sessions continue to be an education and even though I’m still a work in progress, I know that with Dee’s guidance I can continue on a healthy path.



When I came to Coho Health I was unknowingly suffering with SIBO and an under active Thyroid.

Despite my best efforts physically and mentally I could not seem to improve the situation only keep it at bay.

We identified what the underlying causes for the way I was feeling were (SIBO & THYROID). I was then devised a cohesive plan along with supplements to take to begin improving the situation.

Since then I have achieved better digestion and increased mood & energy levels. I have learned a great deal about the human body and the many intricacies that contribute to homeostasis.

I have learnt in particular what I need to do in order to maintain my current level of health, for example things to avoid/include. Finally I feel I have discovered the significance of lifestyle and how that contributes to well being and happiness.

I would also like to point out how extremely helpful and supportive Aga has been to me along my journey to recovering my health. 

I felt that I was in the care of an intelligent professional who is well studied and confident in her ability to help me obtain the goals I had set for myself.

I cannot thank Coho Health enough and have already recommended Aga to my friends and family. I feel that this is the future of health and a lot of ill health today has unfortunately been misdiagnosed.

Working with Coho has been an amazing experience and not only am I happy with the results I feel I have also gained an education in the meantime.

Allanah Ashdown


Dee knew before any GP that my issues were caused by hormones. 

Now that I have a diagnosis of endometriosis she is who I have gone back to for help and advice. 

She is so supportive and has really tailored her approach to suit me, my lifestyle, and my needs. I would recommend her to anyone!

Sarah Barnes


I reached out to Coho Health because I was suffering with very bad body eczema and severe hand eczema which was also infected. I also had low energy and poor sleep.

I started working with Irene Balazs and we worked through an elimination diet and also a detoxification of my liver.

It has been a slow process due to my hectic lifestyle, bereavements and my infections. Being on antibiotics really slowed us down over the summer but I feel like we have achieved so much.

I think my leaky gut is now healed as I can now eat avocado without getting stomach ache – which is fantastic as it’s one of my favourite foods!

My hand eczema has reduced significantly and is now more under control. I am close to detecting if it’s gluten, diary or tomatoes that causes my flare ups. We are also testing my cortisol levels to try and get on top of my sleeping.

I’ve learned how to manage my diet, learnt so much about gut health and how it affects EVERYTHING!

I’ve really benefited from support from Irene this year and have changed my thinking in regards to diet and what i put in my body.

Gut health is so import to our overall health I would recommend everyone should see Irene!!

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Madison Brookes


Coho Health assisted me in returning my body back to optimal health.

I was suffering with horrible symptoms leaving me body ridden and out of alignment. They were a step in the right direction for me to achieve my goal.

By running different lab tests we were able to work together to figure out what was wrong with me and solve the problem.

It has been a true blessing for me.

Rosie Clarke


The detox is going well – mentally I’ve never felt happier. Initially it was tough physically due to illness, but I finally think physically I’m starting to feel the benefits too.

I’m slowly getting into cooking different food and loving it, and I feel like I would love to keep this up past January.

So a HUGE thanks for this, it’s been a really big learning curve. Amongst other things it’s stopped me picking at rubbish food and given me the motivation to start yoga again.

James Darnell


I’m a cyclist and have been working towards a goal of competing in a 7 day 850km race across the Alps.

When I went to visit Dee, I was suffering from huge slumps in energy in the day and struggling to have the energy to train regularly and keep my weight low which is very important for a cyclist.  

The nutrition plan that Dee gave me allowed me to lose body fat whilst increasing strength & fitness. At the same time I was able to maintain my weight without feeling hungry or getting energy slumps.  

In the race itself I performed much better than anticipated, something I couldn’t have achieved without the help of the team at Coho Health.

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To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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