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Find Out How To Protect Your Health & Continue Optimising Your Wellness With The Coho Continuity Care Plan

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Are you ready for your next step? You don't need to do it all alone - here's how to lock in your progress and continue your wellness journey

So you made great progress on your journey to achieving better health.

That’s amazing – and often absolutely life changing – but it’s not the end of your personal health story.

While you may not need the full support of your Coho practitioner anymore, many of our clients aren’t ready to take on their future health journey totally alone.

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Despite the progress you’ve made, doing it all alone going forward might feel daunting.

You might feel uncertain, or maybe you’d still like to touch base with someone you know and trust (and who knows you), to safeguard your future health, make sure you don’t take a wrong turn, and ensure you don’t give up the progress you’ve made.

Or maybe you’d like to continue your progress by fully optimising your health.

So while you might not need the full Coho experience, maybe you could still use some Coho in your life.

That’s why we designed our Coho Continuity Care Plan membership just for you.

Why Offer The Coho Continuity Care Plan Membership?

Achieving really meaningful results through our intensive single appointments and care plans is great.

But after talking to so many of our clients over the years, we’ve come to understand that many of you wanted the assurance of regular (but less intensive) contact with their Coho practitioner after they achieved the majority of their most urgent health goals.

To meet that ongoing need, we designed the Coho Continuity Care Plan membership!

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Here's A Brief Outline Of The Coho Continuity Care Plan Membership...

Our Coho Continuity Care Plan takes the guesswork out of your future health journey and safeguards the progress we've made together

Having your personal care plan in place means you can avoid mis-steps and wrong turns that waste your time and set you back.

When should you change your supplements? Which ones should you choose as your wellness goals change? And when exactly should you change them?

What test markers should you re-test, and when?

What’s the best nutrition protocol for you as your needs evolve, what tweaks should you make and how should you make those changes to maximise wellness?

What changes should you make if your medication changes?

How can you meet new challenges as you move through life, while maintaining optimal health, energy, and vitality?

It's easier to take a wrong turn if you're going it alone...

Your Coho Continuity care plan is the best way to keep receiving precision, personal advice that keeps you on the right track no matter what life throws at you.

Because you’ve worked with us already, you know it’s much better to be pro-active than re-active when it comes to your health. And because your practitioner already knows you, together we can identify early warning signs and stay ahead of the curve.

Assurance & A Care Plan That Adapts To Your Life As You Change

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When you join the Coho Continuity membership, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your future health is in trusted hands.

Who Is The Coho Continuity Care Plan Membership For?

Coho Continuity Care Plan Membership

Just £67 / month

With Dee - just £97 / month

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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