Lulu Ross-Brown

Coho Functional Medicine Nutritional Therapist

As well as being part of the Coho Functional Medicine UK team, Lulu has been a physiotherapist for 26 years and loves helping patients regain their function, starting them back on their journey to health. 

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Her own health journey led her to Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.

Lulu has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto’s that she wanted to support in ways conventional treatment couldn’t offer.

Institute for Functional Medicine Member logoShe was frustrated that treatment was more about suppressing the symptoms; ‘the what’, rather than treating the root cause of the condition; the ‘why’. 

Lulu worked with a wonderful Functional Medicine Practitioner and has now reclaimed her health and happiness, and after being so inspired, a career in Nutritional Therapy too!

Lulu says:

My passion now is to help many more people overcome their conditions with the knowledge and personal experience I have gained.

As a result of my own personal health challenges, I have worked with the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) offering nutritional and lifestyle advice to their members.

I support those that currently require conventional treatment, but also show them how Functional Medicine can improve their condition too.

I find this role really rewarding as I remember all too well how I felt having been so fit and sporty and suddenly feeling like my world had fallen apart when my body flared up with RA.

My aim is to educate and empower you to be in control of your own health.

There is much mis-information available which is why it is important to work with someone who is evidence based and why since qualifying I keep myself informed by working as an assistant supervisor mentoring Nutritional Therapy students in clinic, and why I am becoming a fully Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I believe, and have experienced, the healing power of food, but of equal importance to our health and wellbeing, is how we live our lives.

Hence why I value the simple things in life; spending precious time with my family, swimming in the cold Welsh sea with my daughter, hiking on my local Lancashire hills with my new rescue dog, growing herbs and vegetables in my garden and cooking – especially creating new recipes for my clients.

I’d love one day to create my own delicious nutritiously healing Autoimmune Cookery book.

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