Your Coho SIMPLE Health Framework

Solving chronic health problems isn’t simple.

But what if you had a dedicated Coho practitioner who did all the complicated work for you?

Someone who could take away all the pain, complexity and confusion, while providing a clear path to reclaiming your health and your life?

That would really help you to reclaim your health and move forward in your life, right?

Coho SIMPLE: making chronic health simple so you feel better faster...

Coho SIMPLE Functional Medicine Framework infographic

Over the past decade (and more) of working with amazing people just like you, what we’ve learned is that the more simple we can make things, the faster and more profound your results are.

So while we can’t make it easy – you still have to do the hard work – we make it as simple as possible and we’ll be by your side with unrivalled support every step of the way.

Coho SIMPLE is just the way we do things, refined over a decade of working with our clients, based on their feedback, challenges, and success. 

Even better, as it’s just the way do things, it’s included as standard.

Without Coho Health...

With Coho Health...

Coho SIMPLE: built on 20 years knowledge and experience, just for you

By making your path simple, but detailed, precise, and action based, together we can illuminate the way forward, so instead of walking in the dark, you can clearly see how you’re going to move from where you are now, to where you want to be.

If you could have that, what would it mean to you?

SIMPLE: 4 pillars of precision health, 100% built around you

Simply integrated medicine = precision life enhancement

Our best teachers are our amazing clients. 

And we’ve learned that an integrated approach combining the best of:

distilled into a simple, easy to action unique plan is what gives you the most profound and fastest results.

And it's all backed by our Coho Cares guarantee...

We know Coho SIMPLE, combined with the power of our expertise and your dedication, simply works.

That’s why we’re 100% happy to stand behind what we do, every time, with our guarantee.

Reclaiming your health and your life can and should be simple. But so often it isn’t.

If, like us, you believe that simple but precise action is the key to reclaiming your health and moving forward with your life, you’ll love working with us.

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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