Coho Single Appointments (Pay As You Go)

Our clinical experience tells us that not everyone needs – or will get the best results with – a 12 week or 6 month care plan. Pay as you go single appointments are the ideal choice if you need less structure and support, and more flexibility.

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You also might not need the accountability that comes with a care plan.

This is especially true if you’ve already got your nutrition dialled in, if you’re comfortable making changes without support, or where you’ve already made a lot of positive changes that are working for 

you, and you need less intensive input from your Coho practitioner.

In our experience, single appointments are also the right choice if you want longer to make changes (care plans are highly structured), or where your main goal is preventative wellness.

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Your Pay As You Go Plan Gives You Everything You Need to Hit Your Goals, Plus Maximum Freedom & Flexibility

With our single appointments pay as you go plan, you’ll receive all the care and expertise you expect as standard from Coho Health.

While there’s no structure to how appointments are taken (that’s up to you), we’ll suggest a schedule based on your unique circumstances.

Everything we do at Coho has been refined over years of clinical practice to yield maximum benefit to you, and each appointment you have with us is designed to empower you to take control and reclaim your health.

Single appointments give you great flexibility, and life changing results.

The Coho SIMPLE Framework Delivers Results Time After Time

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You're Backed By Our Coho Cares Guarantee

Here’s our personal promise to you – if you work with Coho Health for 90 days, you follow your plan to the letter, and you don’t feel noticeably better, we’ll work for free. That’s our Coho Cares Guarantee.

With The Coho Virtual Functional Medicine Clinic, You Can Change Your Life From Anywhere On The Planet...

With the Coho virtual clinic, (which is how about 90% of our clients see us) you can improve your health, and say goodbye to years of frustration and pain wherever you are in the World.

And as the success stories of our amazing clients show, whether you can make it to one of our clinics, or you’re on the other side of the planet, you can take the same journey to better health and wellness.

The Coho Continuity Plan...

After you’ve worked with us and achieved your most urgent health goals, you’ll be eligible to join our Coho Continuity Membership Care Plan.

Coho Continuity gives you assurance that you’re on the right track no matter what life throws at you, that you can keep progressing on your health and wellness journey, and that you’ll never go back to how things were before.

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To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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