Introducing Coho Health

Why We Created Coho

Optimised Functional Medicine is now Coho Health!

When we first opened Optimised all those years ago, it was as a Manchester personal training gym and clinic.

Introducing Coho Health Functional Medicine

The vision was that we’d be able to host all of the solutions we know people need, all under one roof.

That’s been a great and very successful journey. It’s also one that we’re looking forward to continuing.

But as we’ve evolved, it’s become clear that our Functional Medicine service is growing exponentially and globally.

In fact, people from over 28 countries have now come to us for help, both in person and through our Virtual Clinic.

And we’ve established clinics in Manchester UK, and Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with more locations on the horizon (including London and Barcelona later in 2020).

As we’ve evolved, the demand for our Functional Medicine service has meant it’s moved beyond what Optimised was set up to deliver in Manchester city centre.

Welcome to Coho Health

Dee and the Functional Medicine team are now Coho Health.

This change means that we can better deliver on our mission of reaching more people through Functional Medicine and Nutritional Therapy globally.

At the same time, Optimised will continue to operate as usual in Manchester city centre, and the Coho Health Functional Medicine team will continue to be based out of the Optimised facility there.

Other than the name change for the Functional Medicine team, our Manchester clients won’t notice any difference at all.

The launch of Coho Health is the next step on our Functional Medicine journey, and means that we can reach our increasingly global audience, with more life changing content, in a much more focused way.

Specialists in Functional Medicine

One of the challenges we’ve faced in 2018 and 2019 is making the increasingly specialist nature, and global reach, of our Functional Medicine content, play with the very local personal training services offered by Optimised in Manchester city centre.

We noticed that we were jumping straight from posting progress pictures, or video of what we’re doing in the personal training gym, to discussing highly specialist research papers or health conditions in the next post.

It’s all great content, but…

The problem comes when half of our message is relevant to people in Manchester who want to change their bodies and their lives for the better.

And the other 50% is relevant to folks across the world, who have health concerns.

That’s not very effective.

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He Who Chases Two Rabbits...

As the old saying goes ‘He who chases two rabbits catches neither’.

We found that while there was some crossover, trying to communicate two increasingly different and specialist messages to two groups of people with different needs simply compromised the whole message.

Now we’re launching Coho Health, both Coho and Optimised can reach the people we exist to serve with better and more meaningful content.

That’s something that’s good for everyone!

Coho Health: The Mission

The Coho Health mission is to reach and help millions of people globally to reclaim their health.

We’ll be achieving this through great, free health, nutrition and lifestyle information.

As well as lots of free resources, we’ll be expanding the number of clinics we have globally, expanding our virtual clinic, running health retreats, and we’ll soon be offering in-depth online education courses.

As always, our ethos is centred around ‘root cause’ holistic medicine that works.

The foundation of Coho Health has been, and always will be, science based personal medicine, while also integrating innovative solutions that work on the ground.

This is the way we have succeeded in delivering transformative preventative medicine as well life changing clinical outcomes.

New! Coho Health Education (Coming Soon)

We’ll soon be launching Coho Health Education.

Our focus starting out will be offering in-depth 12 week courses that are focused on sharing our approach to specific health conditions.

These health courses don’t assume any prior knowledge and will be suitable for anyone who is interested the Functional Medicine / systems biology approach to health and nutrition.

They’ll also be invaluable resources for allied health and fitness professionals such as personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists, and coaches.


Coho Education logo white background with gradient from blue to green

The first phase of courses we’ll be releasing are focused around the most common conditions we see in our clinics.

After those are done to our high standards, we’ll be working on delivering more courses, on a much wider range of health conditions and nutrition approaches.

For practitioners, we’ll be releasing a range of advanced practice modules that will cover health conditions and nutrition approaches from a practitioner perspective.

These advanced practice modules will go into significantly greater detail than our other courses, meeting the needs of those who have an existing qualification, and are working with clients or patients.

You can find out more about Coho Health Education here.

Optimised: What’s Next?

We’re really excited about the future of Optimised.

The evolution of the Functional Medicine team into Coho Health means we can redefine our focus and reach more people in Manchester.

Of course, we’ll continue doing what we do best: transforming people’s bodies and lives for the better.

With a more defined focus, we’ll be able to put our Manchester personal training gym front and centre.

The work we do and the results we achieve with our personal training clients is incredibly important.

We’ll now be able to put our full weight and energy behind expanding the reach of our personal training so that more people can benefit from our unique approach to achieving awesome results. 

The Wrap

Over the past 10 years, our journey in health and fitness has taken us on an adventure we could never have anticipated when we started out.

The changes we’re making today are the most exciting to date and are a real win-win for everyone, whether you’re based in Manchester, Mumbai, or Melbourne!

Throughout Coho Health and Optimised, we’re all super-excited to continue serving you, to continue delivering life changing results, and to continue pushing ourselves to be the very best we can be.

To your optimised, healthy future,

Dee & the Coho Health team

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